About Neighbly

At eNeighbly, we believe that neighbors are happier when they are connected and helping one another. We are leveraging mobile, social, and geo technologies to create a movement of neighborliness. Inspiring neighbors to be neighborly, creating communities that communicate and making the world a happier place. eNeighbly further supports this initiative by contributing 10% of corporate profits to organizations and activities which align with the neighborly movement

eNabling Neighbors


Being Neighborly Is Easy

  • You simply click on the app to notify your network of your location and availability.
  • They receive a notification.
  • If they need something, they submit a request.
  • If it’s convenient for you, you can accept the request, if not, the app will notify them accordingly.
  • If you choose to fulfill the request, the app provides the neighbor confirmation.

Similarly, if one of the neighbors in your network is running to the store, you may request they pick something up for you, adding time and efficiency to your day.

What Your Neighbors are Saying

“I always complain about people being too buried in their smartphones to talk to one another. eNeighbly actually has our neighbors talking again. Thanks, eNeighbly!”

Tony L

“I never liked the idea of a stranger bringing my groceries with those delivery services. Through eNeighbly, my neighbors and I all pitch in.”

Tricia P

“Lost week Sharon asked me to pick up drinks. She was having a party and they were running out. When I took them over I ended up staying! Awesome eNeighbly!”

Ted J

“Running around chasing 3 kids, eNeighbly allows me to easily partner with my neighbors — helping each other out”

Bridgette D

“I knew Trevon was on crutches. Through eNeighbly I saved him a trip to the store!”

Sheila B

“A few of us have kids that play on the same team – we use eNeighbly to help coordinate drives to and from practice. Awesome!”

Thomas H

“I know Mrs. Forrester has trouble getting around, it feels nice to be able to offer a hand”

Jerald R

“I love how eNeighbly saves me time and has allowed me to get to know my neighbors better!”

Christy M

“eNeighbly helped me meet Christine across the street – now we’re dating!!!”

Terrance L

“I was new to the neighborhood when the guy next door invited me into his eNeighbly network – I now have 6 folks in my own network – eNeighbly rocks!”

Brian W



BE NEIGHBORLY with eNeighbly!

We want to make the world a happier place!

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