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Why do you need my email address?

You will be able to log in with either email address or mobile phone number.  ENEIGHBLY may from time to time need to communicate with you via your email account.

What are the password requirements?

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters.

How will my Mobile Number be used?

On occasion, ENEIGHBLY will facilitate SMS messages between you and your Neighbors, for example, to notify one another when running an errand.  Also, through ENEIGHBLY, if your Neighbors need to communicate with you regarding a request, they may elect to click to call through the ENEIGHBLY app.

What is My Street Address Used For?

ENEIGHBLY, will map your address for the Neighbors you select. This is helpful in coordinating errands and other Neighborly deeds.


What happens when I toggle My Availability to Be Neighborly?

You will be directed to the Be Neighborly page where you can communicate to your Neighbors your availability.

What is the Clock and Request icon in the top section of the page?

If you have made yourself available to your neighbors – the clock will display how much longer your availability is supposed to last.  The request icon will allow you to see and manage any requests your Neighbors have made of you.

What is the Who’s Being Neighborly Section?

If any of your Neighbors have made themselves available to you, their names will appear here.  The clock next to their name illustrates how much longer they will be available.  The request icon allows you to submit a request, and/or manage any requests you currently have outstanding with your Neighbors.

What are the Nuggets?

ENEIGHBLY rewards Neighbors for their activity with “Neighborly Nuggets”.  This provides a way for you to view how you rank relative to your Neighbors.  Ranking is based on rolling 30-day activity levels.  Your Nuggets are upgraded over time based on your cumulative lifetime activity within the system.  The more you make yourself available, accept and fulfill requests and invite others into ‘Your Neighborhood’, the more Nuggets you will be awarded!


What is this page used for?

Through this screen, you can communicate to the Neighbors you select, your availability.

How does the clock work?

The clock allows you to let your Neighbors know, how long you think you will be available for. If you need to end your availability earlier than the expected time, you simply toggle-off your availability from the Homepage and End Availability.

What if I don’t want to notify everyone in my private Neighborhood Network?

Once you select how much time you will be available for and the nature of your errand, you can then select the Neighbors or Groups of Neighbors you want to notify and/or de-select those you do not want to notify.


By selecting Neighbor Requests you can view and manage the requests your Neighbors have in to you.  By selecting My Requests you can view and manage any requests you have out to your Neighbors.

If I am Being Neighborly how do I manage the requests my Neighbors have in to me?

When you first receive the request, the request will be in the status of pending.  By clicking, you can either accept or decline.  If you accept, you are letting your Neighbor know that you plan to fulfill their request.  Upon fulfilling the request, you will confirm and, if appropriate, input the cost.  If you need to communicate with the requesting Neighbor, you can click on the 3 dots next to their name and enter a dialogue to either click-to-call or message them.

If I have requests into my Neighbor, how do I know the status of my request?

From the My Requests section, you can monitor the status and manage the requests you have outstanding to your Neighbors. You will also see an indication of the status of your requests on the homepage. You can also click on the 3 dots next to your Neighbor’s name and click-to-call or message them. If they have opted into location sharing, you can also view their location while they are making themselves available. This can be very useful in coordinating requests.


Through this page, you can view and manage your personal Neighborhood Network. You can establish Groups through the My Groups section. For example, you may want to have a group for work, another for your sports team, and another for your home location. This allows you to benefit from eNeighbly in a variety of ways, picking up lunch for your workmates, coordinating rides to soccer, or grabbing milk for the lady who lives next door. In the All Neighbors section you can manage individual Neighbors and use the edit feature to assign them to Groups.

How do I invite someone into My Neighborhood?

Click on the Add or Invite Neighbors icon.  This will prompt you to input your Neighbor’s name and mobile phone.  ENEIGHBLY will extend an invitation to your Neighbor on your behalf and reward you with Nuggets for extending the invitation.  You can monitor the status of the invitation from the Neighbors page.


Why do I have to turn notifications on?

Notifications are critical to the communication between you and your private Neighborhood Network.  Without notifications turned on, you will not know when you have Neighbors who are offering their assistance and any information exchange between you and your Neighbors will be ineffective.

Why does Location Services need to be turned on for ENEIGHBLY?

When you are making yourself available for your Neighbors, this will allow them to identify your location and manage their requests accordingly.  For example, if are driving home from work and are willing to run an errand for your Neighbor, they will need to see your location to make sure their request aligns with your location.  Your location will only be visible to the Neighbors you select, and only when you are Being Neighborly.

How much does ENEIGHBLY cost?

ENEIGHBLY is currently being offered for FREE!  Join the movement, download the app, invites some Neighbors and Be Neighborly!

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